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I would certainly be pleased to join in the fun. I can also think of several places I would rather stay than adjacent to one of the most tourist impacted spots on earth. What sort of range would you define as reasonable, is it just the two of you, and do you have any other activities in mind?
I'll be with my Wife and our 3 1/2yr old Daughter. It seems like everything near fisherman's wharf is 200 a night so I guess maybe 125-175 a night would be a bit easier to stomach. It gets frustrating searching on the web, we keep finding places that say they are 130-150 a night but after plugging in the numbers it jumps 30%. We're not going to be doing anything like this again for a while so we want the place to be decent. We also will need to be able to walk most places or take bus/tram since the cabs will not have car seats. Activities are up in the air and we're still looking into it. Thanks