For a couple years I was doing a whole lot of low light shooting that required very long exposures, both at night and in abandoned interiors that were dimly lit. I developed a very strong anthropomorphic feeling toward those scenes and places that only bargained their beauty in return for my patience. Every scene would reveal it's secrets, but only if I payed the dues. There were times when this feeling of dealing with a sentient being was unbelievably overpowering, when I knew I'd spent more time and care examining a structure than anyone else since, perhaps, it's designer, and I came away with the sense of the image on my film being the grateful payment for my attention.

These days I do less of that long exposure stuff but I still get a similar feeling when photographing dead animals. Yesterday I was walking in a remote area when I came across a deer dump -- dead deer wrapped in plastic, shot off-season. This morning I'll go back with camera and when I'm done it'll be a tough moment when I turn my back and walk away. Even if it's only a dead bird or raccoon, there's always a twinge there.