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...What drives me nuts is the blind interpretation of laws by petty bureaucrats....it all hinges on the word 'might'. Someone sick 'might' get hold of the photo...hey stop publishing ANY photo of ANY person or thing...someone sick 'might' use it to do something BAD!...

So basically we have gone from the assumption that the majority of people are NOT evil to the assumption that they are evil. How convenient for the government when all it's citizens are criminals...it makes them much easier to deal with.
Well said, Rocky.

I, personally am NOT ashamed, repulsed or offended by ANYTHING the Great Creator (whatever your name for him/her might be) has done. Check Christian "lore"; THe "Big Guy" was alerted to Adam and Eve's transgression because... they had become ashamed (of her/ his creations) and they wove aprons of fig leaves ...

ALL obsessions are potentially dangerous. By definition, obsessions are beyond the control of the individual, and many times - I'll go so far as to say, USUALLY, will result in damage, either physically or to the "soul", of the individual. Sexual obsessions are no exception, but it must be kept in mind that either polar extreme is equally harmful, BOTH positive and negative.

One great danger I see is the dominance of NEGATIVE sexual obsession in the hierarchy of our society. We are in real danger of losing our balance, and that is not a good thing... History has recorded such an imbalance in the Witch "Trails" (persecutions) of the middle ages.

There is NO question in my mind that we MUST protect (is there any difference between "protection" and "nurturing"?) our children. None whatever - not even a little bit... but we must make intelligent decisions of the balance of what we are doing. We should protect our children from the rain, but we cannot encase them in plastic, denying them oxygen, when we do so.

Positive sexual obsession is harmful .. I tend to believe that NEGATIVE sexual obsession is even MORE harmful, simply because it is more prevalent, and more reinforced by the "powers that be".