Please consider our Fotoman 617 camera. You can mount virtually any LF lens, it is very well made and reasonably priced. Regarding some previous comments... 1. while red-window manual film winding has the negatives of a non-removeable back and inability to use 220 film, it has the distinct advantages of accurate film spacing and in the case of the Fotoman, the ability of counter-rotating the film winding spindles to assure the ultimate in film flatness. 2. A GG option is a very valuable addition for accurate pre-visualization of the image (composition, focus and DOF)... no different than in LF. Even if it can only be used prior to film loading... if you bracket exposures, that use 3 of the 4 frames available. If you don't bracket, you can shoot the 3 remaining frames using the Viewfinder for composing. 3. Having a Shift function is also quite valuable... without it your horizon must be placed in the center of the frame to avoid keystoning. For example shooting from a canyon rim, deep valleys and obviously when shooting archetecture. (plug)... Fotoman is about to introduce a shift plate for all of our pano cameras (612, 617, 624) that allows +/- 30mm of shift.