DO NOT DEPEND ON CABLE CARS TO GET AROUND, the tourist use them to the piont that it could take you over an hour standing in line if the cable cars are turning around fast. Muni, the bus lines, and Bart are the best transportation lines. The hotel at fishermans warf is next to the low income housing projects and has a problem with security. If your really want venerable old SF hotel you go to the Sir Francis Drake just a half block north on Powell street from the Fairmont. The fairmont 's claim to fame was it was the site of an old televesion program called Hotel. Both of those hotels are about 2 blocks from the one livemoa's friend stayed at at it was only $70 a night. It was in a quiet clean area, and was ideal. Post street is the north side of Union Square. It is a more expensive shopping street than Hollywoods Rodeo Dr. Fun to look at. On the south side of Union square is the big Macy's department store. They have a very reasonably priced upscale gourmet food court in it. one of the best is the wolfgang Puck cafe. Boudins are everywhere. Best sourdough bread. They also have clam chowder they serve in a bread bowl. Ghiradelli square at fishermans warf is fun for your daughter. The old maritime museum is also on the west end of fishermans warf, you will like it and so will your family. They often have people doing demo's on how to hand build the old fashioned way a boat. Suttro gardens overlooking the pacific is another under photographed place. It is usually shrouded in mists. There is a bus line that will take you right out within a few blocks off where the worlds fair back the turn of the century last century was held. It is one of those famous landmarks. There is a great carosel for kids just one block west of SFMOMA. SFMOMA is about 300 w. and 200 south just south of mission. Easy walk from Union Square area. The main bus stop is at 300 w. and about 50 N.