I too was looking at the silver gelatin prints, but decided against it after reading about their reproduction system.

Now I must admit I've never seen one of their prints in person, and they may very well be indestinguishable from an origional print, but until I know for sure, I'll hold back on making apurchase. The prices are very reasonable, especially the specials including a free print with the purchase of a book, but as they say themselve, the prints are made to be enjoyed, and not to be considered an investment. If that's the case, then there are some very well printed calenders on the market that would serve that purpose equally well, and I'd get 13 images for the purchase price.

These statements are meant in no way to demean or diminish the quality of the merchandise beiong offered by Lens Work, and I do visit their website frequently, for I find the overall package to be well done.