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I must have gotten lucky, the few times I've been to SF in May I've never waited more than 10 min anywhere I wanted to catch a cable car.
having just moved away from there after living there for 8 years, I saw the over crowded cable cars when we first moved there, become more overcrowded with time. The lines can wrap around blocks with tourists determined they will make it. The only place to reliably get them is at the terminuses of each end. The stops in between are rarely utlitized since the cable cars are so crowded people are hanging off the sides. Its fun, and everyone should do it once. The bus system goes more places, and is cheaper. It makes more stops and other than rush hour(s) time, it is not too crowded. If your brave, you can drive in the city, but there is a lack of parking. You have to know where the municiple parking garages are for the best values.