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1. We still are in the midst of the current exchange and about 2/3 of the folks have sent there postcards. So we're still awaiting some more. So, this means that as the numbers grow, the waiting grows too as particpants finish their card making and posting.

2. I'm not sure I like the idea of 'cutting off' the sign up to a limited number of people. I'd rather have two or three groups than limit the number of people.

So all that being said, maybe this question is premature. Let's wait until this round is 'substantially complete' - that is when say 90% of the particpants have sent their postcards.
Replies to Art's good points...

1. We are not far away from the Round 7 sign-up and I'd like to get this hashed out before then so people know what they are getting themselves into. Maybe we're talking about Round 8 and beyond.

2. Agree. Might be hard for new people to get on the list! We already have 3 new people for Rnd 7 and 2 current members are signed up for life or until their SUBSTANTIAL stocks are depleted (and it looks like one is not going to be using hers next round!!!!)

3. See point 1.

I would like to accomodate people who find 35+ cards too many so I might have a go at what David suggested early in the thread of having everyone specifiy how many cards they would like to send and they all get an individual list. I've did a name matching program for the initial blind exchange (which didn't get used) so I probably can modify/ expand that.

Lot's of people on the list haven't said anything here so I'll send an email direct to stir them up a bit, and then no-one will be able to say they didn't get a chance to have a say!

Regards, Nige