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Well, I usually shoot medium format on vaction, and with these negative I regularly correct keystoning in the darkroom. Luckily my negative and lens stages are very easy to tilt. It's not that hard, but as pointed out above, the amount of adjustment is not as great as with a view camera, and you end up enlarging part of the negative more than the other, which can look odd if enlarged too much. I used this technique here: http://www.apug.org/gallery/showphot...00&ppuser=2946
Well, Peter - you certainly did a masterful job! That one cought my eye in the galleries but I overlooked the method you used - great job. I have only used ithis method uhm.. shall we say... "creatively" because with a simple enlarger anything else is very hit or miss...

As to the rest of you guys, I hate you all - now you made me look at what I want in my next enlarger... and five minutes ago I was not even thinking about getting one, much less what I want in it! (of course just kidding about the hating part!)