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I'm really itching to try some negs in pyro, but don't want powdered chemicals for several reasons including small children in my house, and being an asthmatic myself. It's just too much of a headache. I have been using Hc110, Formula 76 (generic D76 in liquid concentrate) and Rodinal up until now.

The only kit I have found is through Photographers Formulary http://www.photoformulary.com/Deskto...ion=0&langId=0

The problem is that I do my negs in a Unicolor drum, so the PMK isn't a good choice, right?

Do I have any other options? I'm really intrerested in trying Pyrocat after reading Sandy's article and posts on this board.
There have been conflicting reports on the use of PMK in a drum. Initially it was reported as being not recommended. The most recent information that I have is that it can be used...so who knows? It does carry the consideration of stain color as it affects variable contrast paper.

Insofar as a liquid version of Pyrocat, I don't know of anyone packaging it in that way. It would be a simple matter to take the dry chems and mix them upon arrival...that way you wouldn't have the dry chems around the house. The individual stock solutions have a sustained shelf life so that shouldn't be a problem.

I have used ABC in the past, although not in a drum. I have found that ABC has objectionable grain when one enlarges the negative. It enables excellent film resolution and works very well for contact printing. However it does have a rep of not providing even development.

Having tried all three of the mentioned developers the one that I have found to enable use as both a contact printing developer and an enlarging developer is Pyrocat. It can be used in a drum. The grain sure is a lot better then ABC when enlarging. It does not affect variable contrast materials in the same way that PMK can.