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Some distinctions also need to be made between images from traditional 'wide format' cameras (e.g. Fuji GX617, XPan, Horseman SW, etc.) and those from swing lens or swing body cameras (e.g. Noblex, Seitz, Widelux, Cirkut, etc.) the difference being that the swing gives a very different image and allows an angle of view that more closely approximates what the human eye sees, at least it does with the Noblex 150 and other similar cameras that give you ~ 145 degrees. The two approaches are very different.
I think that all of the panoramic cameras, including swing lens and fixed lens, are specialty equipment, and could easily be encompased in one forum.

Standard cameras with cropped negs should be discussed in their respective forums.

View cameras with panoramic backs are kinda on the line. But I'm sure most users will post questions about the backs here and about the cameras in other forums.

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