Perhaps I am incorrect, but I do not believe that those of us using View or other cameras that produce "Panorama type" images should be excluded from this group. No question that strict Panorama cameras are some what specialized useful tools. But those of us using as an example our 4 x 5 and 5 x 7 cameras with our 6 x 12 and our 6 x 17 backs feel that we should be part of and would like to participate in this group as well. The same should hold true of those shooting 4 x 10 be it on a specialized camera or using a means of recording these proportions on 8 x 10 or cut sheet film. Certainly those shooting on cameras such the Linhof 612 Panorama cameras should have a home here.

Those of us using our view cameras just have the option of selecting the proportion of film that we will use to record our image and have the further advantage of using all those wonderful movements that these cameras offer.