Roy I agree with you entirely. I rarely try something new and when I do I do intensively for a week or two. If the new procedure shows no discernible difference from my normal methods or if the differences do not justify the extra work involved (if any) I will have seen it by then. As you are aware I have been doing real-scene comparisons of Pyrocat HD using BTZS style tubes with gentle versus minimal agitation. I have exposed like a banshee the last two weeks and processed and printed them. Except in one or two cases I cannot see a difference in print quality. What the experiment taught me was that all I needed to achieve the same level of sharpness and ooomph as a minimally agitated negative was to expose my negatives a half stop more and agitate them a little less gently. In addition, whatever quality differences exist does not justify the extra use of solution nor the extra time involved for processing using minimal agitation. I refuse to get bogged down with experimentation so I try to do it intensively and for a limited short time period.