If international shipment is not a problem for you, find a distributor/shop that sell at the lowest price and buy products there. That's what I'm about to do. I like to buy consumable items as locally as possible, but when I can't I have to look for other places.

It seems like even with the shipping fee, you could still pay far less than what you normally do for what you want to get.

In Japan, the prices are almost double for Ilford no matter what. This is primarily due to the price-setting of Japan's Ilford distributor Chugai. And the volume of each product is usually small: For Ilford MG FB paper, it's either 10 or 25 sheet packages.

There's no way I can keep buying the stuff in the domestic market. It's just costly but nothing to gain.

In the mean time, I've found the new Oriental VC FB paper to be useful as an alternative. Price-wise, it's in the same league as Ilford, and I kind of like the quality of the Oriental paper better for some reason. This may not work for all the images I have, but for some, it seems like it does.