The caveat Roy is that it involves a switch to AZO as well as the use of Efke PL100 film - switch to contact printing is really what it is. When I enlarged my 8x10 negatives the films I used were Tmax 100 developed in RS and Ilford FP4 and HP5 developed in a variety of devs. The decision for me was whether I was happy with the prints I was making and whether a revamp of my preferred method (enlarging) was necessary. And so I said to myself if I really wanted to see a difference between methods I should really go for it. By doing so I will definitely spot major differences. Pyrocat was chosen because it was available here in Europe in liquid form (Lotus View Camera) and because I was fascinated with the articles written about it. Efke because it was cheap (if it turned out wrong then the financial outlay was not that great). And AZO because I have seen a print made in AZO.

Results: my old enlarged prints are dull, flat and lifeless compared to my AZO contact prints. I still cannot believe what I have achieved using these materials.

You never know though. I might go back to enlarging again one day...if they ever get that AZO enlarger light source to market (hehe).