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I find myself in full agreement with Cheryl and also Sean on this topic.
I guess the most interesting part of this thread is that it is quite obvious we each have a different outlook. Our tastes and appreciations are our own which are neither better nor worse than anyone else...just different.
Taking Cheryl's images, which I also like, what is that ingredient? Is it...
I am asking these questions because I also recognize this quality...what is the ingredient that separates her images from a portrait at Sears or Walmart?

What is it that transmits the "nature of the thing"?
Is there an echo in here? Seems like I've been babbling on about the differences (beautiful differences) in our work for a while now.

What makes us become "drawn" to the work?

I think those of the Wisdom of the Ancients gave up on this one. They copped out by creating the concept of "Aesthetics" (sometimes spelled "Esthetics") - which linearly translated - means "Existing as a product of perception - and not explainable by rational argument."

Hey, if the Ancient Greek Philosophers couldn't figure it out, I don't feel too badly about my inability to explain it, either.

In the meantime - I wander about in wonder - wander and wonder - and I'll be grateful for the (unexplainable) beauty in the world.