I like Juan's answer. Years ago, I got all bound up in all the rules and theories etc, and a sort of paralysis set in. Instead of just doing it, I kept looking for that "perfect" scene with that "perfect" light and perfect framing, so on and so on. Of course, perfection never happened. I took some time away from shooting. Then when I came back to it, it was fun again. Sometimes we think TOO much, and we just get in our own way. I'm not saying we should ignore the craft, the rules and techniques - just that we should be aware of them and use them as a guide. I gave up looking for absolute perfection (based on someone else's ideas), and started doing things my way. It's not some conscious artsy thing, I am not an artist or artiste. I am not trying to invent some pesonal style, since those that do always look forced anyway. But, since I stopped worrying about it, I enjoy it more, and actually have a higher percentage of keepers. The funny thing is, my photos do end up following the famous basic rules, I just don't have to agonize over it anymore. As far as liking someone else's work, either i like it or I don't. If pressed for reasons, I can explain why, and relate it to all the "rules" such as balance, overall distribution, contrast, chiarascuro, all the big words. But, I do not consciously think about that when I form the initial opinion. Good is good, even if we don't know exactly why. I am also finally learning that good can be good, even if it isn't my personal cup of tea.