I too, wanted to keep the film development technique to a simple process, minimizing time and effort. this would allow me to spend my limited available time taking pictures and printing. more rewarding activities then developing film.

my detailed testing of film/developer/paper combinations about a year and a half ago convinced me of the following:
1. that for a moderate enlargement (in my case 5x7 neg to 11x14 print) a pyro developer gave a sharper print than D76 or XTOL or HC110.
2. at this moderate degree of enlargement tri-x APPEARED sharper than a very fine grained film.
3. Pyrocat HD is the ONLY pyro type developer that I can rotary process in a JOBO without worrying about uneven development. Rollo pyro was second best and PMK was an abysmal failure.
4. Rotary development gives me more even development than I could ever achieve by tray processing.