The conversation between my wife, daughter (age 16) and me around the dinner table regarding the grand opening of a print from Bob Fowler...

Do you guys mind if I open this package before we eat? Why would someone from New Jersey send you a picture? Itís that print exchange thing, remember? I remember, you sent that creepy picture to this guy and now this is what you get in return. Exactly. Oh-oh, this sounds like trouble. Well, donít just stare at it, show it to us. Ohhhhh, itís beautiful! Well, I guess we know who got the best of this deal, huh Dad?Ē Should we frame it? For sure. I want to pick out the frame. Then, where should we hang it? Thatís easy, in my room. You never get me anything plus you owe me two weeksí allowance! Could you put it in the window so we can look at it while we eat? Dad, look at me - quit looking at that picture and pass the spaghetti!

Thanks Bob!
Indvik Family