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When you first saw The Red Cedar, I assume you were at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Were you living near where you are now, before you came to Vancouver for school? Was it at least partially a reminder of home?

I've always wanted to visit your area - I know that you say that the town isn't much, but the surroundings must be wonderful. The closest I've been is Prince George to the East, and the north end of Vancouver Island to the South.
Hi Matt. Yes, I basically grew up in Kitimat and would play in the bush all the time. My parents started to let me hike overnight by myself (even in the winter) when I was about 11 years old...there's nothing like being by yourself in the bush or in the mountains for days to really actually start seeing your surroundings. The painting brought me back.

You should take a drive from Prince George to Prince Rupert, as the drive along the Skeena River is amazing. It's awfully big (mostly uninhabited and undeveloped where it's too tough to log) country though and I've only scratched the surface of it

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Which art school did you go to?
The first one was Emilly Carr College of Art. The problem was, it was the year they started moving to the Granville Island campus and all the first year students were isolated in the second floor of an old Swift Premium meat processing building in Gastown. We had no contact with the other students at all. Walking to school in the morning you had to avoid the city workers hosing the puke and blood off the sidewalks before the tourists showed up.

The second school for fine arts was Langara...I was MUCH happier there.