still trying to improve my kallitypes. working on one possible problem at at time. the humidity in my darkroom was low so I got a humidifier. running on high for appx 10 hours its up to about 50% from 35%. I have also hung some papers so they can acclimate to that humidity. Curious what others do? Can I just run the humidifier a couple of days in advance of printing? I usually do all my kallitype printing on the weekends. for the most part it seems my papers are sucking up the coatings and I am using papers others have had good results with. If I try any sizing, the arrowroot starch sounds easy whereas the gelatin methods are more elaborate and scary! I have already tried a little PVA under the drier conditions with minor improvement. BTW I am experimenting with negatives that require 4ml of dichromate to 1 liter of sodium citrate, so I believe neg range is not a big issue although I intend to increase the neg range in a few for further prints.