Hi Murray,

You went to the old campus. Okay it all makes sense now. I went to Emily Carr in the newer building on Granville Island and graduated in '91. The darkrooms were amazing when I went there. You could stay every night until 3 a.m. which of course I did. I had a bunch of coworkers from the Broadway Lens & Shutter who went to Langara and really liked it. Jeff Devine and Gord Mott to be exact.
Now Emily Carr College of Art is called Emily Carr Institute and they also have the building across the street from the main campus. It has grown alot since I went there. I saw the art in Florence during a continuing studies "Florence Program" they do every spring. I won a scholarship to attend the florence program in 1990 along with 4 other Emily Carr students. I had never been to Europe so I was quite taken with the culture when I got to experience it first hand.