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Another thought to file in the "intersting" category is each time I've been to SF if you go down to Market Street after dark, say 9pm the musicians come out, typically between 4th and 5th streets. One time I saw an amazing drummer doing solo's, and another a guy brought a honda generator and a mixing board, turntable and speakers and was mixing dance music on the sidewalk. The restored streetcars run the F line down Market street and out to the Castro, so that adds some interesting colour.
Not all those interesting people are nice. Carry a sturdy tripod with you just in case. I took jewelry classes at approximately 450 Market and sometimes we were there until 10 pm. The day people that get replaced with night people can be scary and oft times threatening. Only once did I have to use one of my tools, (flat nose pliers) to defend myself. I think the word got around quickly as I was never harrassed again. But then I was carrying a case that contained silver, gold, and gem stones. A camera is just as tempting some of them. The castro area is very safe even after dark. It is one of the cleanest and nicest parts of town. You can find some of the best food in the Castro as well. If you go to the Embaracdero, which is where Market dead ends into the SF bay, you can catch the same restored street cars to take you to fishermans wharf. Pier 39 is better than the rest of the Wharf, but is still too touristy. Hit coit tower it is on the way too. There is what is called the bay model over in Sausalito. It is where they constructed a small scale (takes up 4 football fields) model of the bay. When they are filling it for reasearch, it is funn to watch what all the different formations on the bay floor do to the water. Angell Island is a fun place to catch the ferry too, and hike around. In fact the ferries are fun to go on and just turn around and come back. Cheaper than paying for the big tours boats that do almost the same thing. If Brad can get away there is also Niles canyon where they have trains. It is the place where Charlie Chaplin had his first movie studio. Hi might even take you to Ardenwood it is easy to find just off 880 and hwy 84 near Fremont and Newark. It is an old village that practices what it was like in the early bay area doing everything the old fashioned way. As an analog person you would love it. You daughter would get a big kick out of it as well. A couple hours south or less if you drive like me, is the Big Basin redwoods park. It is closer than driving to northern california.In Golden Gate Park go to the Steinhart Aquarium. I had to drag my kids there for a school outing. Your daughter will love that place. Of course you have to go see my legs at Haight and Ashbury.