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Two questions:

1. According to the Zeiss info page on the new camera, some of the lenses designed for the camera are made at Zeiss, the remainder are made by Cosina. Reason given was to make the lenses less costly.....which lenses are made at Zeiss?

2. Any Apugers with experience with this camera.

thanks as always
Dave in Vegas
1. The 85/2 sonnar and the 15/2.8 Distagon are made in Germany.

2. I have the camera, am delighted with it, & recommend it highly. The viewfinder alone sold me. I wear glasses & can see the 28 frame lines. Combined with the long rangefinder baseline, this is a real treat. It weighs less than a Leica M, but I like the light weight better. The shutter doesn't have to be depressed as far as a Leica, so this balances nicely with the weight. But it's not a "hair trigger" either. Meter is very accurate. All in all, a very well thought out design.