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The Carmen Merlot isn't that bad.
I am mostly a Iberic peninsulla wine man, rioja, jerez and porto are my favorites, which are not available here at all even if I could afford them.
Today I went for coffee with a friend after many months, just because he
lives in Athens and I don't see him often. The espresso I got cost me 2.30 euros. And I get payed about 700 euros a month.
Oh, well.
Atleast I am well stocked on film and have some paper at the moment.
Yeah, having to choose between the beverages or the photo supplies is hard for me, too.

I think I've blown off a couple of dates recently. :o What happens is that I meet someone in public, talk about photography, and have a blast with that conversation. But the next thing I know is that I'm back in my darkroom with a fresh package of photo paper and chemicals, and that's about it.

Well, that's life, too, I guess.