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I'm really itching to try some negs in pyro.

I encourage you to exercise your curiosity, as I did. After 9 years of ABC & PMK I have hundreds of olive green negatives. Then one day I exclaimed, "This is too much work!" I went back to HC110 and TXP. Now I have hundreds of non-olive green negatives as well. When I print them I cannot, and I would defy you to, tell which are which. In retrospect, it WAS too much work. But, knock yourself out and make your own decision.

Apart fromt the question of image quality, which all of us would agree should be the major issue, I am curious to know exactly what you found to be too much work about the use of ABC and PMK. When I first began using PMK my first reaction was that it was a lot easier to use than the conventional developers that I had been using up to the time (D76, HC110, etc.), because of the stability of the stock solutions and the ease and consistent of the mixed working solutions. And I feel the same way today about PyrocatHD.

In other words, from my own perspective developers like PMK and PyrocatHD are no more trouble to use than conventional developers and are in fact in many ways easier to use. They are highly consistent, have very long shelf life, and are among the most economical of all developers.

But let me say this about developers, and it also applies to developing technique. All of the general purpose developers are about 97-99% alike. But it is that extra 1-3% difference that can distinguish beteween ordinary work and outstanding craftmanship. Therefore when comparing developers and methods of development expect subtle rather than major differences. People have been developing film a very long time. If major improvements in technique were possible they likely would have been discovered by now.

Sandy King