So I've seen the exhibit now and will be going back again to enjoy it more. I was really impressed with the work, especially the landscapes, still-life, and nudes. The earlier soft focus/pictorial period works were not to my liking but I think they are important to see the progression that was made over his lifetime.

A couple of questions:

Does anyone know who did the printing for the prints that are not labeled either "Edward Weston" or "E.W." etc. I assume that the ones labeled with his name or initials were done by EW. But as for the unlabeled prints were some also by EW or did one of his sons print them?

Also I think I've heard that he developed the contact prints in amidol and printed on azo, is this true for these examples in this show? I've heard so much about amidol/azo but have never seen an example. Also they appear to be toned and was curious about that as well.

thanks in advance,