As I have a 5x4 Cambo monorail I have not done much field work which is a pity as this is where my main interests lie. Next week, which is school hols in UK I am off to the Derbyshire Dales, which should open up a few oppurtunities, and would dearly love to take the metal beast with me.
On the few excursions I have done I carry the camera hanging unceremoniously upside down by the monorail and the heavy tripod (Manfrotto 075) in the other hand. Needless to say I haven't ventured far from the car.
So today I was psuedo-packing when I looked across at the works laptop bag and thought "mmmmm.....I wonder if the LF Gear would fit in there". SO without much further thought I dumped the laptop, power paraphinalia and numerous drives etc onto the table and inserted my dismantled 5x4 in. Fits like a glove is the expresion I would use. Camera, lens (I only have one at the moment, spot meter and dark cloth all fit perfectly, and its relatively protected by the padding etc and has straps to stop it bouncing around.
It's not the best solution I know but its a damn sight more mobil than the previous setup.
Now all I need is a chiropractor for next weekend to massage my left shoulder!


PS I really should look for a wooden field though