They're a motley bunch, but it's nice to have a range.

120mm f:14 Berthiot Perigraphe
168mm f:6.8 Ser. III Dagor
8 1/4" f:6.8 Gold Dot Dagor
10" f:6.3 Wide Field Ektar
12" f:6.8 Gold Dot Dagor
19" f:11 Apo-Artar

The last two are in barrel, and I use them on the Ektar's Ilex #5 shutter.

The small ones all fit on Technika boards so they take up less space and I use them with an adapter for the Gowland (uses Sinar boards).

The big 360/4.5 Heliar and the bigger 14-1/2" f:4 Verito stay at home most of the time.