Hello! I am trying to coat albumen paper with silver solution, but am having trouble. I have found that I cannot coat evenly with the hake or foam brushes that I have, and I can't get the knack of using a glass rod (although I have had nearly acceptable results with the rod, I can't master the technique to my satisfaction).

I have heard a lot about the Richeson "magic" brushes and i wondered if anyone had used them for albumen/silver? I have tried searching the web for a UK supplier but have had no luck. I also tried sending an email to Jack Richeson's company in the US, but did not get a reply.

I know I could float the paper, but am on a limited budget and want to make the silver solution go a long way! Also, the paper I am using - Cranes - curls up spectacularly when it is wetted, so I am taping the paper flat for the sensitiser-coating stage, which rules out floating it on a silver bath.

Thanks for any help,