I like the idea of increasing the time between exchanges, but I think two per year sounds a little infrequent. I'd like to have a bit more time to print during an exchange - say an extra month. The print exchanges are not bad because it's only one print, or four for the group exchange, but 50 postcards will take me quite some time to print. I have a temporary setup and only have the capacity (time/space) to print about 20 cards per session, max, and that includes the mistakes. For the last exchange it took me 4 sessions at one per week (best I can do). I'm planning on getting started printing for the next exchange, but I'm busier than a one armed paper hanger right now so I don't know when I can get a head start.

As for splitting, I have to say that I strongly prefer to have the larger group. The steady flow of cards over two or three weeks is really quite nice and a smaller group would likely diminish the enjoyment of the exchange.

Please count me in regardless of the change, or lack thereof, in the scheduling for the next round. I've managed to make it on time so far - although it was close - so I think I can keep up this time too.

- Randy