Hmm - I see someone asked for me?

I pack my Linhof Color monorail in a Lowepro S&F Trekker Lite, with up to six lenses, ten holders, lightmeter, dark cloth, changing bag, and extra film...

My "field" lenses are usually:

90mm Angulon
120mm angulon
135mm Planar
150mm Apo-Lanthar
210mm Xenar
360mm Tele-Xenar

Unless I know I'm getting into a "tight" spot, in which case I'll swap the 90m Angulon for a 90mm Super-Angulon - and possibly a 121mm Super-Angulon as well. I may also include a 150mm Symmar, good for closeups and converted use (265mm). But I won't leave the Lanthar just to bring the Symmar! In the same way I bring both 120mm, 135mm and 150mm, just because the 135mm is a f3.5 of incredible sharpness and near-zero DOF at full aperture.

The big 300mm/f:4.5 Xenar stays home unless I also bring the 5x7" Technika - it won't fit on smaller lensboards.