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I would like to move up to 11x14 photography. My interest is doing color photography. However color film for larger than 8x10 seems to be a near impossibility. I called Kodak and was told that they can make their Portra film in 11x14 but that it would probably cost around $10,000.00! The spokesperson was not sure how much film could be had for this amount of money. Anyway, does anyone use color in the larger than 8x10 format or do we just forget about it because it's too expensive? If someone is using it how do you surmount the cost obsticle, wealthy or band together and do a volume purchase?

_Larry in Rochester, NY
Fuji Provia datasheets list 11x14 as a standard size, but I have never actually seen it in stock anywhere. Try asking the Fuji distributor or Megaperls?