Not a lot of people have seen my prints. Some fellow students, the wife and few friends. One or two postings here on APUG long ago. Only one critique really stuck, came from a teacher in a night photo class.

I already had my doubts about the way this guy taught. One of those "my way or it's wrong" types. All prints must have white borders, highlghts must not blend into borders, all subjects must be looking at the camera, there is only one proper method of developing, you must follow the rule of thirds, etc etc. After quickly going through my small portfolio, his only comment as he thrust it back was "not enough contrast". That was it, nothing else. My thought was, "I'm wasting my time with this guy". I ended up being right. In all fairness, he did give a good mark even though we didn't get along. The only thing I learned in that class was having knowledge does not mean your a good teacher.

Two people who had a good influence on me were also teachers who knew the technicals and the art of photography. There was suggestions instead of "my way". No one particular critique stands out, but the semester, as a whole. It was a learning and, just as important, fun experience.

Hopefully Ethan and Sonia are both still "influencing" minds and are members here.