I've gotten quite a range of critiques of my work. The most frustrating is the "oh, that's nice! I really like your work!" followed by the sound of no cash leaving a wallet still in someone's pocket.

One that stuck rather hard in my craw was from a photographer I know who has a reasonable reputation, but is not a "Name". He does have his Masters of Fine Arts and teaches at several art programs in the Baltimore area. He shoots a lot of nudes, and in looking at my nudes, he said they were "too commercial". What really made it stick was the fact that he said it to someone else, and didn't think it would get back to me. It did. I still shoot some work the same way that I did when he derided it, and I've broadened my work as well. I don't know if he would approve now, or not, but frankly, like Mr. Butler, I don't give a damn.