Tmax 400, get it at JandC......none better... You can also try the JandC 400 film if you dont need to do much expansion as well as the Ilford FP4 and personal favorite is Tmx 400 in Pyrocat for alt printing.

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So my professor is loaning me his F&S 12x20 with a couple of lenses (14 inch and 30 inch) for May/June. I figure it's time to get serious with buying some film now.

I've never used Ilford or Bergger or anything other than TMax, but plan on making some alt-prints with these negs.

I'm looking for suggestions on films and speeds and even locations to buy the stuff. I have the usual suspects lined up, but am maybe looking for some other advice not easily found in a quick search.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Michael Slade