Michael, this discussion is timely as I've been working on my 12X20 most of the week. It's also a Folmer so maybe some of what I've learned will be of value to you. I'll assume the person you're borrowing it from will also provide the lenses? 30" would be un-useable on mine as max bellow is 24" and I can just get a 600mm APO Skopar focused if I tilt the lens out a bit. 19" seems a nice length for a 1220. I've done a few shots previous with mine but un-successfully. I installed a new SatinSnow ground glass last weekend as the one it came to me with was some piece of junk made with a sand blaster. That done, I started measuring my 4 holders. All 4 are different. I have 1 original folmer holder, 1 folmer glass plate holder with film sheathes, one Korona type holder (I modified the camera for this) and one Brubaker holder. I found the original Folmer holder to be the worst of any for registration. It has a 3mm difference between film plane and GG plane. The Brubaker holder has about a 1mm difference, and surprisingly the Korona and the Folmer plate holder were pretty much dead on. Once I had these "knowns" I went outdoors 2 nights ago in bright afternoon sun and set up worse case scenarios where the sun was looking at a straight angle against the light trap and dark slide light trap. Lots of leaks to fix. At least all of the problems are knowns now and I feel pretty confident that the camera will be useable this weekend for a late trip into Death Valley. Hey, the cheap film (I got some Efke 100 that J&C was offloading because it was getting near expiration) is 6 bucks a sheet.