Robert is bailing me out on the short-time film order. Thanks Robert.

I was thinking that I'd kind of go through the camera a bit, but really I don't want to do too much to it. The gentelman I'm borrowing it from is quite the wood-worker and I figure if he needed/wanted anything done to it, it's probably already done, or I'd screw it up.

A new ground-glass might be a nice way to pay him back for the offer to borrow the camera though. Might have to think about that.

I thought for leaks on both holders and camera I'd put in some RC paper and take it outside for a few hours and see what happens.

Jim, DV should be very nice right now. I miss that part of living in Vegas (but the rest I could leave behind...and did).

I don't know which holders he has, but he didn't mention any probs with the bellows and using the 30 inch lens (red-dot). He did say that my 24 inch red dot would be pretty much normal on the camera, so I'll try it out and see. I also have this MASSIVE Reis tripod from the 30's that will come in handy. Glad I held onto it now.

I have heard stories of a magical developing process that someone here knows about. If they'd like to share technique and ideas I would be very glad to hear them.