ULF portrait. My apologies for not simply posting at the gallery. I tried my best but by the time I whittled it down to 650 bytes, it for all practical purposes was gone. This 101 kb is large enough to get the sense of what is there perhaps.

This is my brother in law, John Cole. John and I have a long history. Long enough that he was best man at my wedding, and met his future bride, my wife's sister at the occasion. We've enjoyed many years of good and bad times with 5 female cousins all raised pretty much together.

This is how I see John 98% of the time. Looking over his glasses at me to tell me something. So when I set him up for a portrait with the 11X14 Century and the 22" Voigtlander Petzval, I told him to drop his chin and look over those glasses. The 11X14 print is perhaps a personal best in an area I'm just treading water in.

John Cole