So, I just bought a used ATL-1, and am looking for a water regulator. (The ATL-1 is basically a CPP-2 base with a motorized lift and control box.) I figure for B&W I could use tap water manually adjusted to 65-70ish, but I really want to be able to do my own E6. I have hot and cold and a drain, and will pay a plumber for a professional up-to-code installation with flexible lines (this is the Earthquake State). The heater isn't very close and draining standing water out of the pipe takes about 20 sec. I don't mind doing this manually in advance, but there needs to be a way to do it.

How about the Arkay Econos? At ~$300 they seem right. I don't feel too excited about pauing $600 for a Jobo panel. I figure installation will cost about $200 on top of that.

Anyone out there using a cheap alternative to the Jobo panels you can recommend?