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Have you had comments made about your work that's stuck with you over the years, and why?

hi murray

when i got out of school i showed my former photo teacher my portfolio. after we looked at it together and chatted for a few hours, he suggested that i contact aaron siskind, who used to teach at risd, and was living on the east side of providence.

i called aaron, and we agreed upon a date that i could show him some of my work. i arrived and he invited me in. he looked through my portfolio, it took about 2 minutes, then told me i was wasting my time with photography, to throw away my camera --- nothing else.

he then took me to lunch at a little bistro where he and the 4 or 5 17year old waitresses flirted with eachother the whole meal.
he said in a loud showman-type voice "you can have anything on the whole menu."

i ordered a grilled cheese sandwich.

then almost shouting he said " i have a pacemaker in my chest, touch it, touch it!" i did, just to keep him from embarrassing me any more.

on the way back to his house he insisited we stop at a lady friend's place. it was in her garage, that he was storing all his posters. she opened it and out of it came my door prize, one of his posters! it wasn't the only thing i got, he shook his finger at me and in a threatening way said, "i take photos like this, don't you ever!"

i dropped him off, and drove home.