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So many questions jump out, but the biggest ones have to be what expectations did you have, and how high did you hold him in your esteem? If both were high, how did you recover?

From what little information I have to work with, it sounds like you thought he was giving you a warped warning...why?


P.S. For those relatively new APUG'ers, I think jnanion is possibly the most creatively experimental photographer here on APUG, but you'll never know it if you search his gallery because he 'cleanses' it often. Keep your eyes peeled, because the only way to know is to let the images build up over time and to catch them before they disappear

i though he would have at least said something to me productive.

in school i did the critique sessions, they could be harsh, but at least something productive came out of it ... not sure why he threatened me as he did, maybe he was olde and loopy by the time i saw him - certainly acted olde and loopy!

did i hold him on high ?
he was a great photographer, and did a lot of things before a lot of folks ... i have to admit, i like some of his work. the stuff he did in south america was pretty cool, and some of the road-work he did on the mount hope bridge was kind of eccentric ( having the police stop traffic so he could photograph the roadway ) but other than researching for papers, and seeing his work, i didn't really know him at all. how much do you learn from articles, art critiques, books - about someone, really, unless you meet them. now i know what kind of a person he was (some of the time at least), and i feel kind of sorry for him, and how pathetic he was.

recovery? my brother and i drove across the country soon after that, and i shot lots of film. i guess photography is the best medicine for a bummer like that. i also figured i wouldn't listen to a word he said, and if i could help someone out i would ....

thanks for the plug!