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As long as you want the gear for a specific reason (weight, lens selection, etc...) and not just to be able to holler out in a crowded room "Touch me! I shoot with a LEICA!" or whatever. Don't get me wrong, I'm thinking of getting a IIIA later this year (to replace my Zorki I), but you are leaning more toward the greed side if you just want the flashy names and more toward the practical side if you want the technical advantages.

- Randy

P.S. The fact that my wife sometimes reads my posts has nothing to do with the nature of my comments. <cough>
No, it's not the names.....well, I admit there is some romance associated with a Leica, but that is mainly because of it's lightness and smallness (and because such great photographers have used them). I don't suppose the quality itself would outdo MF but it would offer a different approach, but probably not very different from using the Nikon.

Suzanne, I'm interested you use the Mamiya 7 for portraits. I vaguely remember something about people finding the Mamiya 711 lenses a little TOO sharp for portraits - I wonder if there's anything in that. I do love the RZ, as it happens, but would like something more versatile aswell (IS THE NIKON ENOUGH FOR THAT is the question...)