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Thank Jim for the advice. Anyone know a wide angle lens (around 300mm maybe) to use on 12x20. Something not terrible expensive.

The 450 Nikkor M is a great lens for 12X20. Stopped down to f/45 or more it covers the format with as much as six inches of movement. I have even used it on 20X24 and it even covers this format adequately for contact printing with a bit of movement, *if you stop down to f/64 or more*.

Nothing I know of in the 300mm range that covers 12X20 could be considered "not terribly expensive." I have a 305 Computar and it is fabulous for this format, but inxpensive it is not, unless you happen to grab one from someone who is not into ULF. Now, just when I say this Jim Gali will tell us that he just picked up a 270mm Series V Protar for the price of a six-pack.

OK, if you look hard you just may find a 270mm Kowa Graphic that is same as Computar. I have seen both 240mm and 270mm Kowa Graphics that do have the same coverage as Computar, though never a 305. If you can find a 270mm Computar, or Kowa Graphic with the same design, it will *just* cover 12X20 if you focus at around 40 feet and stop down for far and near coverage.