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That's interesting, what do you mean by setting handle? Never seen a noritsu with such a thing myself, maybe before my time. On my noritsu I don't see how that would work, there is a drive motor that turns all the racks, if you slowed it down you would have extra time in all the tanks, which I suppose wouldn't matter but you would also have lower the dryer temp to compensate. Mine also doesn't have any ability to alter push / pull times.

If I remember right, out machine was a Noritusu 1290? Could be a 1400 series, it has been a few years since I worked there! on the right hand side of the machine there was a dial that would allow us to vary processing times, to allow up to a 2 stop push or pull, we also had a keypad on the right hand side that was used to check process temps and such, but both our C41 and our E6 machine had this feature to allow us to vary processing times.