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I But I can easily reproduce this with, e.g. Provia 100F and E200. The magenta (or magenta-red) cast on the Ektachrome is clearly visible on the light table,.
One thing to try would be to extend the final wash cycles....we process *alot* of Provia 100F and used to do E200 (not in awhile)--but my experience with these 2 films is that they will take a magenta cast that can be washed out--it has been explained to me by a Kodak tech as related to leuco-cyan dye retention. At any rate, you can almost soak it ---it will turn the Final Rinse magenta.

it's important to figure out if it's magenta or red though--since they can mean different things in E6. Magenta in Fuji, could be very well be pH of the CD, but red in both films might mean a bleach problem, pre-bleach, fixer, uhm....oxidation problems in CD or even wash temp...

fun process, so much to go wrong.