I tend to identify photographic projects frequently, write them down, and list the images that would be needed, at a minimum, to make it work. My list of potential projects is lots longer than my list of finished projects will be at the end of my life. But I tend to keep that list pretty private, I only ever discuss it with my wife. In general, I think it is because I want to preserve my option to do those projects without somebody else doing them first. This is probably a bit of a fallacy, as there isn't really anything new under the sun and many of my projects will probably resemble something done by another photographer that I've never heard of. But it maintains my expectation that at least within my span of control, I won't be yielding my ideas to somebody else.

At the next level are the few projects from my list that I've actually started on. These range from projects where I have some negatives developed but likely many more to be exposed, to all negatives developed and prints identified but not made, to some where I have prints made, but likely many more to come. These projects are all things I share with my acquaintances, at least those that are interested. But the only ones that I put out on the internet are those where I have some prints made and available. Until that point, I just don't want to set myself up to be 'scooped' by somebody that works faster and latches on to an idea I'm working on.

This thought process isn't just because I think somebody will intentionally take my ideas, though that obviously does happen to people at times. I'm also just careful because I expect that anybody that hears one of my ideas, while not duplicating it intentionally, will have it tumbling around in their subconscious and will develop ideas relating to it or as a result of it. If the images are done and out, then this is something where it can be referred back to the originals that I produced and my contribution to their process might be recognized. Otherwise, I may end up looking like the one that worked off of their concept to develop my own.

So...that's my take on it...and I'm curious...what's yours? Is this just too much thought on something that isn't really important? I tend to work slowly and rather deliberately. Is this a factor for anyone else?