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I don't even mention them. I just think of something and it shows up in the gallery. :o
Aw, geez, David... I'm sorry. hahaha!

I think it's possible to go along thinking about an idea, and suddenly, you meet someone (or a couple someones) who are on the same wavelength as you... they have either taken the shots you've thought about, or are in the process. This can have an interesting effect... you can either decide not to pursue those ideas for fear of someone accusing you of copying, or you can go ahead and shoot away with your own vision.

I think the bigger problem is in not shooting anything... you can become 'frozen' into inactivity if you take too much time to think about things. That's not to say you should go about shooting 'willy-nilly'...make a plan, make decisions, but in the end... make photos.