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Write it up in fancy words and I'd be shocked if the NEA didn't give you a bucket of cash to go from town to town documenting those three landmarks. ...of course, I could be wrong :rolleyes:
Since I need the money I would do just that, but the NEA stopped giving grants to individual artists after that Piss Christ thing.

those will always be the water tower, grain elevator and church steeple ...representing the universal requirements for commerce, survival infrastructure and (apparently) spirituality in man
I think one of those three you mentioned would be replaced by a cell-phone tower.

Which is funny because I drove past one of the radio towers that are horrible disguised as a very tall tree and I said right then that I should make pictures of a bunch of these things. I am sure they have been photographed before but that isn't going to keep me from doing it the next time I see it, and seeking them out in the future--