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g'day Troy
i've had feelings like your at times, and have been annoyed that others may use 'my' idea and get credit that should have been mine
but ultimately i've come to realise that everything has been done or is being done and these concerns can become an excuse for not getting on with the work
i always strive to do my work my way, then if it comes under scrutiny and comparison with other work it stands or falls on it's merits
i just checked out your website, nice images but why your name so large
maybe you need to not hold on so close and so tight
Hi Ray,
I don't really think it is about the 'credit' though that certainly comes into play. I've been thinking about this for a long time, and for some reason this morning I just felt like sharing my little conundrum with everyone...

More than credit, I think it might be just caution that the market for my work can be impacted by the volume of similar work. If similar work were produced that limited the marketability of my own, and it was my own idea that germinated into another project that was the problem, it would be unfortunate. I don't want credit for the idea or for their work. But if work is produced that is similar to my own, I don't want to wonder whether I should have kept my mouth shut. As is, I know that it was produced independently.

Some of my images have been used without attribution in the past. That irritated me and so when I prepared my web site some time ago, I took to watermarking my images with a large version of my name. However, the psychological impact of that event has worn off, and I've been thinking that I will go back and remove the watermark, because I just don't like it. When I look at them, I have the same thought you did, why the name so large? I'll fix that soon.